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After 12 years on tour with de ”Dutch Swing College Band”, George founded the ”George Kaatee Band”.


George Kaatee , January 23, 1941 – trombone.


George began performing at the age of 12 as a guitarist (he was taught by Arie Ligthart) in The Sunny Boys, of which he was co-founder. This band played popular music.
1956 the band changed their style to Dixieland in which George played the trombone. Paul Acket, who later founded the North Sea Jazz Festival, suggested they change their name into The Stork Town Dixie Kids. To help him on his new instrument, George took lessons from Wim Kolstee (Dutch Swing College Band), Anne Bijlsma (Royal Conservatory) and Jacques Banens (Concertgebouw Orchestra).
In 1957 The Stork Town Dixie Kids won the first prize at the 16th ”Tournoi International de Jazz” in Brussels and George won the prize for the best soloist ”Coupe Jack Teagarden”. Following this band made many tours of Germany, France  and Belgium from 1957 to 1957.
In January 1960 George was asked by Jan Burgers to join his band,  The New Orleans Syncopators, for a tour in Austria and Germany. This was so successful that George left The Stork Town Dixie Kids to became a permanent member of  The New Orleans Syncopators.
They made two big hits 1961-1962, ”Midnight In Moscow” and ”Washington Square”. This led to many radio and TV broadcasts in Holland, Belgium and Germany.
Jan Burgers left The New Orleans Syncopators on 1st January 1974 and George took over as leader and manager. Since then they have toured in Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Russia and Finland.
George has also played from time to time with other bands, such as Ted Easton’s Jazz Band, Roefie Hueting’s Down Town Jazz Band, Dixieland Pipers, The Swing Society, The Cosy Corner Street Paraders, The Dixieland All Stars, Rob Madna’s Big Band and The New Radio West All Stars.
In January 1980 George Kaatee founded The Leaders In Dixieland, made up of  leaders of Dutch traditional jazz bands. The band had its first broadcast on 30 January  1980 in the programme ”Sesjun” for Dutch radio. They have repeated this most years since.
George also works as a studio musician, and has played on many pop records of Hans Vermeulen’s Rainbow Train, Tee-Sett and Golden Earring. He also worked for record producers Peter Koelewijn, Piet Souer, Job Maarsen and Clous van Megchelen.
During his career, George Kaatee has played  with many American jazz musicians including Teddy Wilson, Genre ’Mighty flea’ Conners, Jimmy and Marion McPartland, Vick Dickenson,Dick Cary, John Clayton, Cat Anderson, Bud Freeman, Buddy Tate, Nelson Williams, Albert Nicholas, Ralf Sutton, Lillian Boutte and Benny Waters.
Since January 1979 George has been a teacher at the cultural centre ”Het Koorenhuis”. He led the big band, three Dixieland groups and teaches trombone, arranging and improvisation, besides being consultant to the jazz department. George stopped these activities in February 2001.
In the summer of 1999 George was asked to join The Dutch Swing College. With this band George toured in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Thailand and made many records. In the summer of 2011 George decided to leave The Dutch Swing College. He didn’t like the to much travelling and since then he played as a freelance-musician with jazz bands in Holland, Belgium and Germany. In December 2011 George founded ”The George Kaatee Band”.